What Other Costs on Top of What I Pay My Conveyancer?

Your conveyancer or solicitor will normally charge you their professional penalities plus any disbursements which include fees for any searches and settlement fees. However on top of these fees, there will also be other compulsory fees and so you will need to budget for these as well.

Stamp Duty

Your relevant State or Territory Revenue Office will impose a stamp duty levy on most transfers of property. The stamp duty is payable by the purchaser or transferee. The stamp duty rate depends on which State or Territory the property is in and the value of the purchase price or how much the property is worth.

Your conveyancer or solicitor will be able to calculate the stamp duty payable for you and also advise you if there are any concessions available to you, depending on your circumstances. For example, holders of a recognised concession card are entitled to a concessional stamp duty rate.

Transfer Cost

The purchase or transferee to a conveyancing transaction will also have to pay a Transfer Fee to the relevant State or Territory Land office. Like the stamp duty rate, the amount of the Transfer Fee depends on which State or Territory the property is in and the value of the purchase price or how much the property is worth. The Transfer Fee is usually capped and so if you reach a certain amount, then you shall pay that amount, regardless of how much the you paid for the property or how much the property is worth.

Your conveyancer or solicitor will be able to advise you as to the relevant transfer fee. There are usually no concessions for transfer fees.

Bank Fees

All banks and financial institutions will charge you some form of fee, whether you are purchasing or selling.

If you are purchasing a property and obtaining a mortgage, then they shall charge you application fees, their legal costs, settlement costs and any other charges they deem fit. It is best to check the bank’s Loan Offer prior to signing any mortgage documents to check what fees you will be liable for, both initially and during the life of the loan.

If you are selling a property then the bank will charge you their discharge fees. Further, if you are paying out your loan early (for example within 4 years of purchase), then you will also be liable for the bank’s early exit fees. The exit fees are usually one of the most contentious fees chargeable by a bank and so it is best to ensure that you fully understand what you have to pay should you decide to pay out the loan earlier than expected.

Common Blunders a DWI Lawyer Should Avoid

There is no denying that DWI laws are indeed intricate by nature. Because of the complexity, which is involved in these laws, attorneys tend to make mistakes and their clients have to suffer for it. If you happen to be a DWI lawyeryou should see that the interests of the defendant are properly protected at the court. When you are about to fight a DUI case for your clients you need to maintain your levelheadedness. At the same time, you should be prepared enough so that you do not commit mistakes that ultimately push your clients to the corner. Here is a close look at some common blunders about which you need to avoid when you take up a DWI case.

Ignoring license revocation

In most cases a DWI lawyertends to ignore a case of license revocation. The reason is that they think it is too tough to win a license revocation case. However, in reality it is nothing but an ungrounded fear in an attorney. You can win the case in many ways. In general, a revocation of license is imposed on an individual on the basis of breath test. Therefore as a DWI attorney, you should make it a point that you are going to base your strategies on technical defenses. You can win the case in favor of the defendant if they are able to prove that

Your client has diabetesYour client is on Adkins dietYour client has denturesYour client takes solventAlcoholic antiseptics have been used at the time of blood testThe result of a retest is below .10

Ignoring the significance of a pre trial

In a DUI case attorneys often forget to file for a motion of pre trial. This particular trial is a must in a situation when there has been no primary hearing. So before you go to contest a DUI you should make it a point that you have applied for a pre trial for your client.

Insufficient knowledge in breath test regulations

In most cases it has been observed that DUI attorneys do not get them thoroughly educated in the rules and regulations related to breath tests. It is in fact a grave mistake on their part and their insufficient knowledge might prove to be detrimental for their clients. Therefore, you should know these rules well before you are go to contest a DUI case.

Ignoring the arrest location

In most cases, it has been noticed that a DWI Lawyerdoes not check the arrest location personally. It is a grave mistake on their part. When you take up a DUI you have to make it sure that you do not commit the same mistake. As a sincere and committed lawyer, you have to make it a point that you check out the location personally. Visiting the place for yourself you will be able to collect accurate information which will ultimately help you out in questioning the arresting officer.

As a DWI specialist, you need to be careful about these mistakes. Avoiding them, you will surely see an increase in your DUI attorney fees.

Going Ahead The Legal Way

Be it a case of forgery, dowry, land tenant problems, accidents or any other matter requiring legal intervention, one has to approach the legal luminaries whose base is advocates. In a busy and bustling city like Delhi it is very frequent that people get into trouble for which legal action is required. In such fast paced life it is essential to have adequate knowledge about the procedures and processes to file complaints and proceed in a lawful way. Since all of us have not read the law thus taking help of delhi advocates becomes impertinent.

Advocates in delhi are responsible for maintaining the code of law and look after the aggrieved. In their forward march towards transforming justice delivery system and making it paperless and hassle free, the Delhi High Court has recently launched the e-court fee system. The new e-fee court system at the Delhi high court premises allows cutting off the difficulty and delaying in filing cases. This has been made possible by the unending endeavor by Government of Delhi and the Computer Committee of Delhi High Court. The computer committee of Delhi high court is headed by Justice B.D. Ahmed. The committee in 2008 had launched a project in cooperation with Delhi Government in order to make the abode of Delhi advocates an electronic court. This was done to ensure reduction in use of paper and thereby making filing and disposal of cases far easier.

Advocates or barristers are the pillar of justice and fairness. The recent e-court fee system will make it easier for justice seekers to approach the courts. Also further progress is on to allow the litigants and advocates of Delhi to file for court fee stamps online. This will curtail the long queues which develop in the premises in order to collect the court fee stamps. Now with the new system in place one can in future buy court fee stamps from anywhere and anytime.

Further for the ease of Delhi advocates the plan is to introduce the system in capital’s district courts. This will also require full cooperation of the Delhi government which under the able leadership of Sheila Dikshit is fully ensured. This is so as the government also is looking focused on its agenda to maximize use of computers in administration.

The present Delhi high court chief Justice D. Murugesan was also praiseworthy of the government cooperation in the e-facility system. He was particularly noteworthy of the fact that the system is fail proof and it cannot be tampered with or counterfeited. Also the system is flawlessly customer-friendly. Security is ensured as the moment the litigant files for court fee and the payment is made, a receipt with a unique number is issued. This number is affixed with bar code which at the time of registry can be verified for applying petition. The number is locked as soon as the verification is done. This eliminates the remotest possibility of the reuse of the number.

Advocates of High Court can make the payment through cheque or draft or pay order. They can also use the RTGS system once the system is uploaded online. RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement. RTGS system is a funds transfer mechanism wherein interbank payment settlements are done through centralized banking system.

Children's Involvement in the Legal Process

When children witness violent or abusive behaviour in their home, they are certainly affected by it; however, from a legal standpoint, it is extremely rare for a child to be called in as a witness in family court. Typically, family court judges dealing with divorce custody issues will let a parent testify about what a child said or did at the time an abusive act occurred, even though technically, the testimony of this nature is categorized as “hearsay” and is therefore inadmissible. Most family court judges make protecting a child involved in a divorce custody case their priority, which is why a parent testifying on behalf of their child is allowed. Read the following article about child witnesses.

If a judge presiding over a divorce custody case decides that your child should, in fact, be allowed to testify, an attorney or guardian ad litem will be appointed to your child. (The term “ad litum” refers to someone appointed by the court to act on behalf of another party who is deemed incapable of representing themselves, such as children. This is discussed in greater detail in Chapter 9.) Often, the court takes child protection during divorce custody hearings even further by closing the courtroom, or having the child testify privately in the judge’s chambers. Because of children’s attorneys, guardians ad litem, research in family relations and complex psychological studies, the necessity for a child to testify has become practically obsolete.

Even when the children are grown and technically adults, asking for this kind of testimony is rarely worth it. Children, especially young children involved in divorce custody battles, can be traumatized by the possibility of testifying on behalf of one parent over the other. The experience could potentially damage them for life.

What if My Child is the One Being Abused?

If a spouse is physically or emotionally abusive or violent towards a partner, more likely than not, that person will become abusive towards their children. Studies have shown that nearly 50% of men who have abused their wives have also abused their children. When a child not only witnesses but is the recipient of violent or abusive behaviour, that child will carry the effects of the abuse into adulthood. The risk for these children is at its highest when the marriage is unraveling, the couple is living apart, and the father cannot arrest his own oppressive tendencies to exert control over his family.

While some men can let go of the rage they experience at the onset of separation, others become even more violent as time goes on. This is often due to their desperate need for control as they perceive their role in the family diminishing. The scenario holds the most potential danger for children. Older children are particularly at risk, as they are often caught in the middle of conflicts trying to shield or protect their mother from injury at the hands of her abusive spouse. Studies also show that daughters are much more likely than sons to be victimized by their fathers. Due to gender, they are more vulnerable to physical or sexual abuse.

This cycle of abuse is tragic, and becomes even more horrible with time. Women who are abused are less able to take care of their children, setting the course for additional problems. Moreover, according to spousal abuse expert Dr. Lenore Walker, the odds of a woman using harsh, physical discipline on her children is eight times greater if she is living in an abusive situation herself.

Abused children exhibit symptoms akin to those seen in children who only witness violence and abuse among their parents. These innocent bystanders suffer extreme psychological problems from actions completely out of their control. It is critical that they get the help they need and deserve.

Excerpted from Your Divorce Advisor: A Lawyer and a Psychologist Guide You Through the Legal and Emotional Landscape of Divorce (Simon & Schuster/Fireside 2001). For more information:

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine, so is The CCL Renewal Advice

As the adage goes A Stitch in Time Saves Nine, so is the CCL renewal advice. The maxim focuses on completing the work at time to avoid inconvenience. In the same way, it would be wise enough if the license is renewed beforehand as it may help in avoiding inconvenience.

Consumer credit license help is actually the provision of credit to the consumer by the companies or businesses in order to pay their debts to their creditors thus helping the consumers to get out of the burden of making payments in an effective way. Having a license by these companies is not only mandatory but also important for building the trust among the consumers. The CCL can easily be made in accordance with the OFT (office of fair trading).

This department is known for not only its terms and conditions but also for its rules and regulations. The license issued by the OFT is valid for 5 years or so and therefore it is imperative that it is renewed in time. While applying for the license issuance and its renewal, the company might face CCL application issues as well. So it is preferable to have a deep insight of the issuance procedure, the renewal procedures and the application issues as well. It is preferable to apply for the license renewal before the license expires because once the license expires, it is impossible to renew it. A new license needs to be made instead which would be subject to much difficulty, problem and time consumption.

Having done with the CCL renewal advice let us move towards the CCL application issues. The best way to tackle the application queries is to have hands on the official website of United Kingdom OFT. It is advisable to have proper guidelines of the way the application form should be filled. Firstly, the instructions should be completely understood.

It is important that the company has no doubts regarding the application. Secondly, it is advisable for the company to check out the list of businesses provided by the OFT for whom the license is mandatory. Once the company is sure about where it stands, the next step is the fee of the license. The company should have a crystal clear view of the fee payment required because the unawareness regarding the fee may create great problem in license processing.

Fourthly, the company must provide the OFT with the proper information about their business, names the company wants to include and the category of the license. Last but not the least; it is advisable to provide the bankruptcy and insolvency details as well. Following these set of instructions would help the company reduce the errors and mistakes which might lead to the rejection of the license issuance request, hence making the process much easier.

How to Write a Sale of Business Agreement

Writing a sale of business agreement can seem like quite the task to tackle because it is essentially the document that holds the transaction in place and keeps everyone safe from getting financially burned by any part of the process. The contract provides the framework for the agreement, and it even serves a reference that any of the parties to the agreement can look back on in times of uncertainty.

Including All Parties

When you first begin drafting your sale of business agreement, you are going to need to clearly spell out who all is involved in the sale with full names and addresses. Any investors or other parties that are involved financially in any way are going to need to be included. This is mostly to avoid confusion down the road in the event that the buying parties might need clarity on who exactly was involved in the sale.

Going Over What Exactly is Being Sold

This may take some time, but you’ll need to list every exact thing that is being sold. This includes everything from the logos and design to the business records and databases. Anything associated with the business will need to be included in this section to avoid conflict or confusion.

Drafting the Disclosure Section

The disclosure section is a major one that will keep anyone involved in the contract from pulling any low blow stunts, if you will. The disclosure section essentially states that all parties to the contract have disclosed all pertinent liabilities such as law suits, debts, or other burdens. If there are undisclosed encumbrances that the seller has failed to mention, the buyer is essentially not responsible for them per the sale of business agreement. Additionally, it can protect the seller from buyers with undisclosed bad credit or other hindrances. This is why it’s extremely important to include this section. It essentially ensures that no one is hiding any skeletons in their closets and everything is out on the table. Breaching this contract means that the other party is not held liable.

Documenting Payment Terms

The terms of payment must also be documented in the contract. This means, for example, if the payment for the business is going to be made in installments, this will all be recorded and documented in the payment terms section. The payment terms should also be very specific, including information pertaining to whether it will be paid for cash or check, or even other parties that are involved such as brokers or bank institutions.

Finalizing with Signatures

When the time comes to sign the document, it is best that you require all parties to sign their names just as they appear in the beginning of the document to avoid confusion. It may be a good idea to get the contract looked over and “OK’ed” by an attorney before handing it to anyone involved in the transaction. They’ll be sure to help you find any loopholes and strengthen the document to where it is as clear and solid as possible.

Using a Good Liverpool Family Law Firm is Essential

We all need to learn to let go of things which are holding us back or making us unhappy. This can often mean that we have to deal with certain things which we would rather not have to think about, such as the breakdown of a family or marriage. This is where you will need the services of a family lawyer and have to look for a good Liverpool family law firm (that is if you live in Liverpool of course!)

Family law in Liverpool is the same as family law anywhere in the country and covers things such as Adoption Law, Alimony, Annulment, Child Custody, Child Support, Cohabitation Agreements, Divorce, Domestic Relations, Domestic Violence, Fathers Rights, Matrimonial Law, Military Divorce, Paternity, Premarital Agreements, Separation Agreements, Spousal Support, and Visitation Rights. This may seem to cover a lot of things but many of them are related and overlap so that one solicitor usually has the expertise to handle a number of them at the same time.

Legal issues which arise when circumstances in your family life change require a different approach to many other areas of the law; the aggressive, adversarial approach can all too often inflame and prolong disputes which could otherwise have been resolved through conciliation and negotiation. This is why it is important to be discreet and sympathetic but at the same time to be honest enough to tell the truth, no matter how unsavoury it may be for the client to hear.


Divorce is what most people think of when they think of family law. The first question that a divorcing couple faces is what process to use: litigation, mediation, or collaboration, and it is mainly for the purposes of litigation which you will need a family law Liverpool, solicitor.

Litigation is the process whereby each person retains an attorney and they litigate the legal issue by and through their attorneys. More than 95% of the cases end in an out of court settlement. There might be one or two court hearings to determine interim support or to resolve other issues, but most cases are resolved without trial. This is easier for all the parties involved, especially where there is the welfare of children to consider.

Most of the things which are dealt with by family law solicitors stem are related to relationships and often stem from the breakdown of one. This is not to say that all is doom and gloom in the world of family law in Liverpool, as there are also things such as seeing the joy on the faces of parents when the adoption papers are signed for a child which a couple has been longing for for many years, and to be honest, a lot of divorces are uncontested and end up making a lot of people very happy. This may not sound good but sometimes it is better to make a clean break and then a fresh new start than to stick at something causing hurt, disappointment and sadness.

Celebrity Divorce Lawyer in Merseyside

Fortunately, there is one law firm is St Helens that not only has the knowledge to act on your behalf in even the most complex of divorces, but also the sensitivity and discretion required to bring about a successful conclusion to every type of marital separation.

Divorce in the media

A couple of recent high profile divorce cases have had an impact on our clients’ expectations when they first contact us about beginning the divorce procedure.

Firstly, the young US actress Miley Cyrus’ mother Trish filed for a divorce citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ after 19 years of marriage to Billy, who, just 3 years ago, filed for divorce himself before giving it ‘another shot’. The latest attempt at divorce has again been abandoned with the 2 said to be close to putting aside their differences.

More recently and much closer to home, celebrity TV chef Nigella Lawson and her husband of 10 years have decided to split amicably with some media reports suggesting their marriage could reach a point of dissolution with a few weeks. However, it is widely recognised throughout the legal profession that even the least complex of divorces can take an average of 6 months to be official.

Yes, the decree nisi will can be pronounced relatively quickly but a decree nisi only means that a divorce petition has been recognised and accepted by the courts.

High profile cases do nothing but mislead couples who see the relatively new concept of ‘quickie divorces’ as the way forward. There is no such thing as a quickie divorce. The process for beginning a divorce process is sped up with the use of online documents but in actual fact the length of time from the point at which a petition is filed and the divorce being dissolved remains as it was.

If you require any help or advice regarding a divorce or other marital issue please contact the family law department at QualitySolicitors Keith Park. With offices in St Helens, Merseyside and Knutsford, Cheshire. Conveniently located for people in the North West of England, the firm also has many family law clients who are based further afield.

QualitySolicitors Keith Park has a dedicated and personable team of family solicitors and are so confident they can help they even offer a free initial consultation to provide free advice on where you stand, what you could expect and the likely costs.

Online Legal Directories For Legal Assistance

People hate getting intentionally or unintentionally involved in dreadful legal matters because of its time-consuming attribute. In fact, they try to stay away from the these matters and try to evade the facing judiciary bodies. However, circumstance can strike at any point of time and, therefore, it is very important to stay prepared for the worst hit disaster. Confronting with a legal case is a matter of big concern and people should handle it patiently. They must seek comprehensive legal information so that they can understand the case deeply and take appropriate actions.

In order to determine the type and nature of case, people need to seek help from the experienced attorneys. Experienced attorneys help you understand the real problem and suggest you several things. If you hire an expert lawyer, then there are chances that you will understand your case as well as the actions needed to be taken. If the problem is huge, they will discuss it with you in detail and help you at every stage. You will feel more confident after talking to them. Attorneys will explain you the minute details, scour with you, and explain threads of the associated laws. This will increase your chances of winning the case.

However, most of the people are unaware about the law experts or law firms. Today, it is easy to find local lawyers through online legal directories. Online law directories are free to browse and are useful for the people. The directories are aimed to offer complete information about the reputable lawyers, best & largest law firms, free advice, treaties, and codes of practice, official guidance, local laws, business laws, immigrations laws, and much more. You can access a wide variety of law-related information from these legal directories.

With complete listings of the law firms and their practice areas, these sites enable its members to look for their nearest solicitors. If you want, you can consult with the legal experts to know various aspects of law. In fact, you can join the community and discuss your issues, see legal references and abbreviations, and much more.

If you want, you can read the case studies and other legal resources from these sites and can get free online legal advice. It is a cost-effective and dependable method of getting comprehensive information. You can browse through different sections to know more about the documents, legal forms, such as power of attorney forms, affidavit forms, etc. In essence, you can visit legal websites for the detailed set of legal information.

Why Your Business Needs Legal Advice?

For majority of people, starting a business is as easy as thinking. To them, all that they need to kick-off and operate a successful enterprise is; the business idea, capital, and the premises to operate in. While this may suffice in the short run, sooner or later the business may come down tumbling due to some oversights that were never taken into consideration during the establish of the business. These oversights would not have been an issue if one had an attorney every step of the way. So, why would you need an attorney for your business? There are many reasons why your business needs legal advice. Here are some:

Roles played by business legal advisor

Primarily, the role of an entrepreneur is coming up with a business idea and making it work. On the other hand, for an attorney, their role is to foresee any future short comings and prevent any problems that may occur due to oversights. While it is costly to hire an attorney, the cost undergone in hiring one from the word goes is much less as compared to the one your business will suffer due to unwanted incidents occurring. Right from the time you are signing the lease for your business premises you need legal advice. In such situation, you need a legal expert to examine for any hidden charges and prevent you from being a victim of unexpected rent increase.

You need legal counsel when you are setting up your management structure and drafting of employees contract terms of employment. Setting up management is not as simple you may think. You have to look beyond hiring qualified personnel to do the job. Look at the risks that they pause to the survival of your business. Having an attorney besides you, you are able to identify these risks and come up terms of agreements and employment contracts that protect your business from your employees.

When both you and your business fully understand the relevant regulations and laws pertaining your industry you are able to pursue any venture with gusto. You will be able to register and patent any new invention that you have come up with. It will be much easier for you to draw up standard terms of trade with your partners that will not have loop holes that they can take advantage of. When you have the necessary legal advice, you give your business a new breath of life such that it is able to anticipate and react accordingly to any change in operational environment.

Online business also needs legal advice. If you are operating online, there are also many reasons why your business needs legal advice. One of these reasons is that you need a strong online privacy policy for your website. A privacy policy explains to your site users your stand with regards how you use their personal details. As such, having legal advice while you come up with it safe guards from any lawsuit that may result due to an oversight in the contents of the privacy policy.

As you can see, there are many reasons why your business needs legal advice. If you are wondering how to get the best and the right attorney, talk to your friends and associates about it. They are bound to give you reliable reference to an attorney whom they have worked with before.

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