Celebrity Divorce Lawyer in Merseyside

Fortunately, there is one law firm is St Helens that not only has the knowledge to act on your behalf in even the most complex of divorces, but also the sensitivity and discretion required to bring about a successful conclusion to every type of marital separation.

Divorce in the media

A couple of recent high profile divorce cases have had an impact on our clients’ expectations when they first contact us about beginning the divorce procedure.

Firstly, the young US actress Miley Cyrus’ mother Trish filed for a divorce citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ after 19 years of marriage to Billy, who, just 3 years ago, filed for divorce himself before giving it ‘another shot’. The latest attempt at divorce has again been abandoned with the 2 said to be close to putting aside their differences.

More recently and much closer to home, celebrity TV chef Nigella Lawson and her husband of 10 years have decided to split amicably with some media reports suggesting their marriage could reach a point of dissolution with a few weeks. However, it is widely recognised throughout the legal profession that even the least complex of divorces can take an average of 6 months to be official.

Yes, the decree nisi will can be pronounced relatively quickly but a decree nisi only means that a divorce petition has been recognised and accepted by the courts.

High profile cases do nothing but mislead couples who see the relatively new concept of ‘quickie divorces’ as the way forward. There is no such thing as a quickie divorce. The process for beginning a divorce process is sped up with the use of online documents but in actual fact the length of time from the point at which a petition is filed and the divorce being dissolved remains as it was.

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