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nominated by the Montenegrin Committee for Establishing
the Existence of Conflict of Interest, for funding  in 2010.

I  Education Programme for local (municipal) officials in Municipalities

       total

- 1137 public officials

       coverage

- 21 municipalities + 2 city municipalities

       group

- 25-30 public officials

       number

- 23 (in the coastal, central and northern
  region of Montenegro), one to two days

       total coverage

- 700 officials

       specificity

- to invite councilors and local managers
  who did not submit the Disclosure
  forms on income and property,
  journalists and NGO.  

       lecturers

- Committee members, NGO, experts in
  this field, representatives of international
  organizations, etc.

       special guests

- similar committee and board lecturers
  from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and
  Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia,
  Romania, France, Albania etc.

       approximate costs

- accommodation for guests, lecturers
  and others (7)*2p.p.(40,00 €)=560,00 €
- transport for two cars = 100,00 €
- lunch, coffee, juices for participants =
  800,00 €
- fees for lecturers (70,00 €) *5=350,00 €
- material for participants 600,00 €
- organizational and other costs (room,
  video, interpreters etc.) – 590,00 €
3.000,00 € per 1 seminar, for 23
         seminars  total 69.000,00 €

 II Education Programme for State (Republic) officials

       total

- 772 public officials

      coverage

- all Republic officials (Government
  members, Parliament officials, Judges,
  Prosecutors, Magistrates, Members of
  Parliament, Ministers, Deputy Ministers,
  Directors of public companies and
  agencies etc.)

       group

- 25 -30 officials

       number

- 7 seminars
     * for Government members
     * for Members of Parliament
     * for Parliament officials
     * for Magistrates
     * for Prosecutors
     *for other Government public officials
     *for Directors of public companies,
       agencies, institutions etc.

       coverage

- total of 210 public officials

       specificity

-          to invite all members of Parliament who do not submit the Disclosure forms on income and property

       lecturers

-          Committee members, international  organizations, experts in this field, NGO. 

       special guests

-          representatives of similar Committees from the region (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania, Romania, France etc.)

       location

- Podgorica (5), Herceg Novi (1) and Bijelo
  Polje (1)

       approximate costs

- accommodation for guests lecturers and
  others (7) *2p.p. (40,00 €)=560,00 €
- transport and per diems to Podgorica for
  5 seminars, total of 4.000,00 €
- lunch, coffee, juices for participants
            800,00 €
-fees for lecturers (5)*70,00 €=350,00 €
- material for participants 600,00 €
- organizational and other costs (room,
  video, interpreter etc.) – 590,00€.
Total of 3.000,00 € per 1 seminar, i.e.  6.000,00 € for Herceg Novi and Bijelo Polje, and for 5 seminars in Podgorica 2.900,00€*5=14.500,00 €, plus transport costs (4.000,00 €)= 18.500,00 €
Total costs for organizing 7 seminars
for Republic officials amount to 24.500,00 €

 III Education programme for journalists and NGO

       total

- 100 participants

       coverage

- all media, local and republic (TV, radio,
  daily and weekly newspapers, NVO
  dealing with issues of corruption and
  conflict of interest)

       group

- 25-30 participants

       number

- 3 seminars – in northern, central and coastal region

       lecturers

- Committee members, international
  organizations, experts

       special guests

- representatives of similar Committees
  from neighboring countries (Serbia,
  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,
  Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania etc.)

       approximate costs

- accommodation for guest lecturers (3)
  *2p.p. (60,00 €) =  360,00 €
- transport costs and per diems to
  Podgorica –     1.500,00 €
- lunch, coffee, juice for participants –
           800,00 €
- material for participants 600,00 €
- organizational and other costs (room,
  video, interpreter etc) 740,00 €
Total per 1 seminar 4.000,00 €, and for 3 seminars 12.000,00 €.

Total costs for Education Programmes I, II and III amount to 105.500,00 €. 

IV Program for computerization, development and protection of Committee’s database (in accordance to a new Law)

       goal

- to develop a database for public officials presenting the property, income,  gifts etc; development of new links.

       equipment

- procurement of 3 computers with    printers and a new software.

       training

-          of officers and employees who will be dealing with the development of database (4)

       approx. costs

- 10.000 € (software development, procurement of computers with printers, visits to centers, immediate training, transport, accommodation costs etc.)

 V  Education programme for Committee members

      goal

- to familiarize with the experiences from
 the neighboring countries

       visits

- study visits to Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia
  and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia,
  Albania, Romania, France and wider
  regional countries.

       costs

- 16.000 € (transport costs, per diems,
   accommodation (5+3 countries).

 VI  Website in English (or other foreign language)

       goal

-  to present website data to all English speaking interested parties beside public officials

       links

- welcome note of the President, about the Committee, the Committee members, the list of public officials and their property, programs and information, forms, decisions and opinions, news; gifts, reports to the State Prosecutor, requests for free access to information etc.

       costs

- translation of so far announced information on the website and also continuous-dynamical translations as changes are being entered for 2009. There are 700 pages for 2007. * 13 € = 9.100,00 € plus 9.100,00 € for 2008.,  which is totally 18.200,00 € for both 2007. and 2008. For data in 2009., it is necessary to allocate another 9.100 €,which is all in total 27.300€.

  VII TV VIDEO (production and broadcasting) (number two)

       goal

- to inform the wide audience on the importance of this public institution, so as to urge public officials to respect the Law.

       production

- well-known institutions in this field

       broadcasting

-          two months on 5 TV channels (TVCG I and TVCG II, Montena TV, Pink TV, IN TV, MBC TV), so as on local TV channels  (Budva, Nikšić, Ulcinj, Pljevlja etc.), CG radio and local radio stations.  

      costs

- 12.000,00 € (production 5.000,00 €, broadcasting 7.000,00 €). For the existing TV VIDEO (on steering committees) and for the new one on gifts 12.000,00 €, or total of 24.000 €.

  VIII Regional cooperation       

       goal

- to exchange experiences, strengthen regional cooperation and sign Memorandum of Understanding

       coverage

- Slovenia, Serbia (Kosovo), Albania, Macedonia, B&H, Croatia, Romania, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, China  etc.

       method of operation

- meetings and seminars successively in each country, education, organization of international consultations, individual – study visits, joint press conferences.

       costs

7 visits of the Committee members and return visits of 7 delegations. Total: 24.000,00 €.

 IX SURVEY (number two)

       goal

- to raise the level of awareness of public officials and residents (attitude of community towards the Law on preventing the conflict of interests).

       coverage

- 1000 interviewed

       method

- by the NGO or specialized institutions through questionnaires. Questions would be in line with the European standards.

       term

- one month

       costs

10 000 € including publishing of brochure on survey results

 X Presentation and usage of logotype and sign

       usage

- taking part in local and international conferences and seminars and using this sign and logotype on covers, documents, letters, business and compliment cards, pens, bags and other marketing material.

       goal

- to use the sign and logotype on the Committee official material

       approx. costs

- producing a logo and material amounts to 5 000,00 €.

 XI Press and TV clipping

       goal

-          to analyze press and TV releases concerning conflict of interests i.e. to make detail revision of all media releases mentioning Committee for Establishing the Existence of Conflict of Interests (Committee for preventing conflict of interests), and taking specific business actions on the basis of this.

       coverage

- media in Montenegro, B&H, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia.

       method of analysis

-          analysis of press releases on a daily basis(Pobjeda, Vijesti, Dab, Republika, Monitor,

-          Revija D, Caffemontenegro, Index, Porodični magazine), so as TV releases  (TVCG 1, TVCG 2, Montena, IN, Atlas, Elmag, MBC, Pink). 
- submitting stories via e-mail, and originals on CDs. 
- production and filing of press and TV clipping in the unique database.
- production of Media Contents Analyses.

       costs

- monthly calculation (100 € subscription, 1 € per article, 3 € per story on TV, 3 € for burned CD) which amounts (depending on article) around 500,00 € or 6.000,00 € per year.

 XII Electronic Register

       goal

- to have an insight into the register of all initiated legal actions against public officials.

       coverage

-          all public officials who are the subject of inicatives by the Commitee, first-instance and second-instance procedures, decisions, appeals, verdicts, opinions, settlements, civil actions, sentences, correspondence with all public officials and other entities.  

       method of development

- development of updated database and software into which all data are to be entered individually for each public official included in the process.

       funds needed

- development of database and software 20.000,00 €,  and data entrance to be entrusted to an employee – officer, with monthly compensation.

 XIII Book – Guide on the conflict of interests (new edition) 

       goal

- to get all public officials acquainted with the new Law on preventing the conflict of interests

       coverage

- governmental and local officials, media and NGOs, total of 5000. To include the Law, Rules, Rulebook, Decisions, forms, comments, opinions of experts etc. 

Ψmethod of production

- soft cover, A-5, 5000 copies, black and white text.

Ψfunds needed

- 20 000 €


XIV  Establishment of the Western Balkans Association for Preventing Conflict of         Interests

       goal

- the first time establishment of the Association for the purpose of exchanging experiences and common decision-making.

       coverage

- cooperation between the countries in the region (Serbia, B&H, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Slovenia etc.).

       prior actions

- organizing international counseling on this subject, supported by international organizations.

       approx. costs

-  organization of counseling – 20.000,00 € (accommodation for guests, lunch, translators, equipment etc.).

 Total costs for all programmes amount to 287. 800, 00 €.

Balance, January 2010.







Komisija za utvrđivanje konflikta interesa