Using a Good Liverpool Family Law Firm is Essential

We all need to learn to let go of things which are holding us back or making us unhappy. This can often mean that we have to deal with certain things which we would rather not have to think about, such as the breakdown of a family or marriage. This is where you will need the services of a family lawyer and have to look for a good Liverpool family law firm (that is if you live in Liverpool of course!)

Family law in Liverpool is the same as family law anywhere in the country and covers things such as Adoption Law, Alimony, Annulment, Child Custody, Child Support, Cohabitation Agreements, Divorce, Domestic Relations, Domestic Violence, Fathers Rights, Matrimonial Law, Military Divorce, Paternity, Premarital Agreements, Separation Agreements, Spousal Support, and Visitation Rights. This may seem to cover a lot of things but many of them are related and overlap so that one solicitor usually has the expertise to handle a number of them at the same time.

Legal issues which arise when circumstances in your family life change require a different approach to many other areas of the law; the aggressive, adversarial approach can all too often inflame and prolong disputes which could otherwise have been resolved through conciliation and negotiation. This is why it is important to be discreet and sympathetic but at the same time to be honest enough to tell the truth, no matter how unsavoury it may be for the client to hear.


Divorce is what most people think of when they think of family law. The first question that a divorcing couple faces is what process to use: litigation, mediation, or collaboration, and it is mainly for the purposes of litigation which you will need a family law Liverpool, solicitor.

Litigation is the process whereby each person retains an attorney and they litigate the legal issue by and through their attorneys. More than 95% of the cases end in an out of court settlement. There might be one or two court hearings to determine interim support or to resolve other issues, but most cases are resolved without trial. This is easier for all the parties involved, especially where there is the welfare of children to consider.

Most of the things which are dealt with by family law solicitors stem are related to relationships and often stem from the breakdown of one. This is not to say that all is doom and gloom in the world of family law in Liverpool, as there are also things such as seeing the joy on the faces of parents when the adoption papers are signed for a child which a couple has been longing for for many years, and to be honest, a lot of divorces are uncontested and end up making a lot of people very happy. This may not sound good but sometimes it is better to make a clean break and then a fresh new start than to stick at something causing hurt, disappointment and sadness.

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